Tomoya Imai

Managing Director of Narra no ki Inc.

Tomo has been working in the art department for 14 years, and 9 years as a Production Designer. He's been based in Tokyo and in Los Angeles, designing more than 1,000 projects including commercial clips, music videos, award winning feature films, acclaimed animated features, TV series, and remarkable number of architectural projects.

Commercial client he worked as Production Designer includes Apple, Samsung, Honda, Sony, Microsoft, Shiseido and many more international brand.

He also has worked for many production designer clients from all over the world, providing set designs and concept illustrations.

Awards & Nominations

Thai Academy Award 2011 Best Production Design "A Moment in June" Production Designer: himself
Emmy 2015 Outstanding Production Design "Constantine" Production Designer: Dave Blass
ADG Award 2015 Short Format, "GHOSTTOWN" Production Designer: Emma Fairley
Official Selection
Cannes Film Festival Emerging Filmmakers "Bicycles & Radios" Production Designer: himself

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