Art Director/Set Designer/Art Department Coordinator
Tomo has been working in the art department for 18 years, and 15 years as a Production Designer. He's been based in Tokyo, while having lived and worked in the US for total 5 years. He has designed more than 1,000 projects including commercial clips, music videos, award winning feature films and animated features, TV series, and a number of architectural projects, both domestically and internationally.
He is a certified rescue diver, and lives in Shonan area, 60km south of Tokyo, near the beach, with his wife and 2 little monsters.​​​​​​
In 2021, he stopped working as a production designer, focusing more on helping younger designers as an Art Director/Set Designer/Art Department Coordinator.​​​​​​
2021年より、今井は美術監督としての活動を終了します。今後は、Art Director, Set Designer, Art Department Coordinatorとして、若い世代のデザイナーを支える活動に尽力したいと考えています。
Set Rendering and Drafting
For many commercial projects shooting in LA, NY, and London, Tomo provides set renderings, presentation illustration, and blueprints remotely.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Please scroll down for sample Illustrations and set Photos
Art Department Coordinator
For many projects that shoots in Japan, including commercials and series, Tomo functions as local art director/art department coordinator and helps production designers coming from overseas with crewing up the local art team, coordinating with local vendors, sourcing props and construction materials in Tokyo, clearing the artworks, company logos, trademarks, etc. to be used in filming.
Example projects:
Giri Haji(BBC series) / Samsonite (Commercial) / NIKE (Commercial) / Marriot Bonvoy (Commercial, shot in Kyoto) / Piaget (Commercial, shot in Kobe) / Shiseido Global (Commercial) / Mozart in The Jungle (Amazon Prime series, shot partly in Hokkaido) season 4 / Master Chef Australia (TV show) season 7 / Marvel's Avengers- Age of Ultron and Samsung Mobile present 'Assemble' (Web Movie) / Lexus China (Commercial) / UNIQLO global (Commercial) / MET Life US(Commercial) / Apple Inc. US (Commercial) and more.
Shopper in Tokyo
For projects that are set in Tokyo, but filmed in other cities, Tomo can be a local shopper, sourcing props locally and shipping them wherever the production takes place.
VR/XR/Virtual Set tech consultant
With his extensive knowledge with 3DCG and VR, XR technology, and his skills to write computer code, Tomo is now a tech consultant for multiple organizations both in public and private sector, and  the lead system designer for about a dozen consumer web services.
Technology he uses includes:
Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, Unreal Engine, Unity, A-Frame with Three.js, with the languages like Python, JavaScript, RhinoScript, and PHP.
Tomo's videos on youtube

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Camera Motion Tracking | Using mobile phone motion sensor | Rhino, Grasshopper, and Fologram

AR Maze with Rhino, Grasshopper, and Fologram | Maze by Kid's Drawing

AR Horror Game with Rhino, Grasshopper, and Fologram


reel from 2014

marriott bonvoy with production designer jane musky

mary and the witche's flower desiged by himself

Shiseido with production designer rika nakanishi

tomo gave one lecture and two drawing workshops in cape town international animation festival 2019, south africa.

taylor swift "end game" with production designer rika nakanishi

giri haji with production dedsigner morgan kennedy

uniqlo with production designer K.K barrett

piaget designed by himself

mozart in the jungle with production designer loren weeks

iphone designed by himself

nike style guide designed by himself


master chef with production designer johnny hawkins

aflac with production designer kim reese

sk II with production designer laura ochao

wendy's with production designer kim reese designed by himself designed by himself

indeed designed by himself

suzuki designed by himself

nmb 48 designed by himself

tohoshinki designed by himself

madonna with production designer emma fairley

constantine with production designer dave blass

all state with production designer robb buono

pa lottery with production designer gregorio racardio

samsonite designed by himself

cox communication with production designer emma fairly

herbal essence with production designer kim reese

samsung, just the tokyo part

Set Photos and Renderings
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